WIP of a self portrait I am doing for class

Hi everyone! Here’s the first animation I made for my 2D Animation class— a stop motion of a ball bouncing. We were put in groups, and to take it to the next level, my group decided to make a fun little game of brick breaker! It was a ton of fun, and working in DragonFrame is such an experience!!! I’m excited to continue on with this semester.


This was a small super quick doodle i did as a warm up, and ended up really liking the energy it had. so here u all go

it’s gb!daichi from haikyuu

fashion style: punk!! or lolita. two very different choices ahah c:


Anon I like both of these so I actually drew out both!! Hehehehehe


as a note I don’t partake in either of these fashions regularly, so to anyone who does, I apologize if I have bastardized them in any way orz.

I will say though! The lolita dress is one of Metamorphoses’, and most of the clothes in either are based off of things I’ve seen irl


"Vani Is the kindest librarian around, and in fact, the only one. They are a little hard to find when they don’t have their nose in a book, but when available Vani is always a pleasure.

Favorite items: Cheese, Grilled Fish, Spa Egg

Least Favorite: Corn, Sweet Potato”


I DREW MYSELF AS A HARVEST MOON CHARACTER BECAUSE I’M A BIG GAY (and i drew the hair im going to have by the start of fall semester because I DO WHAT I WANTTTT)

"Dori is a sweet girl, but isn’t around much. She visits her family during the summer and the end of winter, but otherwise is at school training to be a great artist!

Favorite items: Chocolate, Emeralds

Least favorite: Mayonnaise”

I’ll hopefully be drawing my friends too if we can figure out what tropes they are… :Bc 


1-2 hours


Hey I remembered one of my oc’s birthdays for once



Drew myself as the Huntress from Risk of Rain taking GREAT ARTISTIC LIBERTIES WITH THE OUTFIT


sketched ocs today

i literally hadn’t touched some of these guys in years haha my oh my